Family Law

Family law issues are often one of the only times that many people need the assistance of an attorney. They often come to By the Law Group APC unsure of their rights and legal obligations regarding some of the most important aspects of their lives—their relationships and their children.

At By the Law Group APC, we pride ourselves on providing compassionate and knowledgeable family law services in several areas in California, including Sacramento, Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area.

Our team can help you navigate the often-confusing waters of family law in California, whether you need help with a divorce or a child custody issue. We will not only walk you through the legal process, but we will also ensure that you understand your rights under California law when it comes to your family.

Some family law circumstances can be addressed with careful negotiations and conversations. In other situations, you need to present your situation to a judge and let them decide how your family law dispute should be decided based on California law. At By the Law Group APC, we can help you negotiate and present your case, regardless of how aggressive you would like to be.

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